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Frequently asked questions

You can access this course for lifetime but you can reuse the practice exercises for not more than five times.
This course has three basic pillars :
Step 1 – Firstly you have to log in
Step 2 – You will see a dashboard with many levels, each level has many lessons.
Step 3 – A video, learning outcomes are given to know what you are going to learn in every level.
Step 4 – To complete every lesson you will have to go through all three important steps, learning, practising and performing (as per lessons).
   A. Learning – You will watch a video and learn the use.
   B. Practising – You will get some practices (i.e., MCQs, translations, guess the sentence, find the errors) to understand the use completely.
   C. Performing – You will have to perform through some tasks (i.e., listen and write, read and speak, writing tasks, make your video) to remove your fear and for building confidence.
Step 5 – After every lesson, you will receive a gift.
Step 6 – After completing the whole course, you will be awarded with an e-certificate.
Step 7 – Enjoy the success!
No, this course has a very nominal non refundable fee that everybody can easily afford.
Your trainer is going to be Dr. Abhilash Modi, who has been serving his expertise in the field of spoken English, communication and motivation with his vast experience of more than 10 years.
For knowing more about him, kindly visit this website,
TILS Education’s spoken English course is the result of 10 years of innovative teaching methodology. It is designed by keeping in view the present environmental requirements to understand 100s of complicated usages in the easiest ways. This amazing course includes all three important pillars to master the English language. Learner will get several video and audio lectures to learn not only English but also to stay motivated during this journey. After every lesson, learner would get to practice the learnt usage through many interesting exercises and along with learning and practicing, learner will also get to perform to enhance their confidence and articulation ability. Other spoken English courses might seem fancier and appealing initially but would be struggling in providing the real result if they would be made to catch students not to achieve their targets.
You may simply drop a mail on contact@tilseducation.com or call us on +91-9460576431, 8829024911
Yes, you will get an e-certificate once you complete all the levels (whole course). And if you want to order hard copy of your certificate then you shall have to pay 300/- + delivery charges.
The chief architect of this course, Dr. Abhilash Modi has been a researcher and dedicated teacher who has been experimenting and providing splendid results in the field of communication, articulation, cognition and intonation for more than a decade. He himself has experienced the journey from shivering legs to one of the most dignified platforms of the world, TEDx. So, he not only teaches, but also shares his experience which help learners to get practical life learning.
Through this you can gift this amazing course as a beautiful gift to your friends, family members and relatives.
Yes, why not, it would all depend on your dedication and way of grasping the knowledge and being master of English language while having public speaking abilities.
Of course, this course is designed in such a way that it is easy for a rural based student and there are several things which might make a well settled professional more efficient and prolific.
Due to high volume of queries, it might take a time of 2 to 4 working days.
Although the course is having life-time accessibility but in order to learn english learner will have to complete the course in a span of 6 months since the date of enrollment. If any learner violets this norm then his/her access to the course shall be stopped.