What is Life-Time Membership and its benefits

  • Life-time membership is a facility provided to students to be connected life time to Public Speaking and enhance their confidence and Knowledge.
  • Our LTM facility has benefited many gradual Learner and has provided them enough time to learn and Speak English fluently.
  • The Primary aim of providing LTM facility is to provide them the ambiance where they can come and get the keen knowledge of English and Public Speaking and removing their fear.
  • It allows students & professionals to be in touch of Learning and Speaking and with time they keep gaining knowledge and going deep in learning and we have got many profound speakers who took the benefit of our LTM facility.
  • Many students who took benefit of our LTM facility have been featured on many big public speaking platforms such as Josh Talks, TED Ed etc.

What do student say about LTM (Life Time Membership) Programme