Telephonic Conversation has always been considered one of the best ways to practise English and to be better at communication. In this challenging phase of quarantine, many of you might have felt to do something to advance your English and communicational skills so TILS education has come up with an incredible initiative to connect you with the one who also wants to be master at the same.

What this initiative is all about:

  1. Every Monday, you may fill the below given form in order to get connected with the another interested candidate.
  2. Through the below given form, we will collect interested individuals who want to have conversation with someone telephonically.
  3. Our system will randomize the names and interested male candidates shall be connected to only males and interested female candidates shall be connected to only females.
  4. Interested individuals will receive a message (on WhatsApp or text) to let them know their this week's telephonic conversation partner.
  5. Just below this portion, you may see “Topics of this week” on which or as per your own wish, you may choose to discuss any topic with your partner.
  6. It a self-paced activity and you may discuss as much and as long you want to converse with your partner as per the ease of both until you get another partner next week.
  7. This is a weekly activity so to connect to a new partner you have to fill form again on next Monday.


Topics of this week:

  1. Importance of to-do-list in students life?
  2. Who gives better life to children? Poor parents or Rich parents.
  3. What teaches us more Success or Failure?
  4. Why do generally parents teach only to win not to fail?

Fill below form to register

*This initiative is only for TILS students