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The Institute of Languages & Skills (TILS) is an Educational Start-Up to root-up the biggest problem of India “Unemployability” even after having a dignified degree. This start-up’s motive is to bridge the gap between job seeker and job’s actual requirements by strengthening individuals public speaking skills, debating skills, group-discussions cracking techniques, removing hesitation before camera and help them in getting ace level jobs in both Public and Private sectors and starting their own enterprises in Rural, semi urban and Urban areas. TILS edupreneurs’ have generated more than 1000 videos on various social, economic, political, academic, life related topics to remove their camera fear with its one initiative TILS’ Tuber which includes being featured on TED as well. TILS has also initiated GD club to prepare students and professional to overcome the fear of cracking their GD round while facing interview in any small to multinational company. CEO and Founder of TILS Mr.Abhishek Kankria and his team have impacted more than 2 lacs lives across whole India by organising workshops, seminars and personality grooming sessions in more than 90 educational institutes, schools, colleges and universities.

TILS has a motive to ignite the young mind to dream big and never stop. It is an educational endeavour to spread education, motivation, enhancement of skills & the most important is to help students and even stressed professional to discover their hidden and real purpose of life. We, at TILS encourage mind set of students to live life for pioneer goals & to clinch lofty heights. Our purpose is to let all know that better communication is the only tool that is requisite to stay or even to reach on higher designation of any company or in own start-up. Our purpose is not to teach to students to attract someone temporary but it is to let them learn to inspire people by living an unbelievable life.

Our senior mentor cum Director has had a rich experience of Education & Motivation. He believes in edutainment, which makes learning simple & exciting. Here at TILS, we produce learning tendency in individuals so that they may love learning. TILS is the perfect place for those who wants to achieve something phenomenal in their life & want to become an example for society.


  • We are accredited by United Accreditation Foundation (UAF).
  • TILS has been awarded by Rajasthan Patrika (A National Newspaper)
  • TILS has been crowned a title by ISA Global “Upcoming Institute of the Year”
  • It is authorised from Rajasthan Knowledge Corporation Limited, Jaipur.
  • TILS is also associated with TED with its two segments TEDx and TED-Ed students’ Club.
  • TILS is also affiliated to Rajasthan Patrika Newspaper in its PIE (an educational initiative) and Election Campaign.
  • All the trainer of TILS is certificated by Cambridge University’s Language Assessment.
  • TILS is one of the active and regular organisations in philanthropy works of SEEKH Society.
  • TILS has organised many programs of India Book of Records and Indo-Vietnam Medical Board.
  • TILS is also associated with District Administration and Govt. of Rajasthan in counselling students on smaller and larger level.


We are on a mission to lessen Unemployability by developing Public Speaking and Life Management skills and bridging the gap between academic knowledge and workplace requirements.


To be a premier Educational Institute globally and "Be Ahead" of expectations of all ". We, at TILS-The Institute of Languages and Skills, strive to build strong relationships between teachers and students driven by excellence which maximises students’ satisfaction and create value for all parents and guardians.


• Commitment: We are committed to foster trusted students’ relationships and to enhance our value. We enable others to trust us by delivering on our accountabilities and stand by decisions when they are made. We expect to adhere ethical educational practises with complete transparency and open communication.
• Integrity: We carry our responsibilities in honest and trustworthy manner. We expect to uphold high standard of conduct and to have integrity in all our thoughts and actions.
• Quality: Our endeavour to provide quality education and adhere to global standards by many of our activities and affiliations.
• Professionalism: We expect to conduct ourselves in professional manner even in the most challenging circumstances as well.
• Adaptability: We remain steadfastly adaptable to changing dynamic environment for we know it is neither the strongest species nor the most intelligent would survive.


Spoken English

“It is not just a course, it is a journey to be a speaker from a hesitant”

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Corporate Training

“Develop a “CAN-DO” attitude with our Corporate Training”

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" Computer Skills Course and Effective Use of Internet"

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Accounting Course

"Be accounts ready…..Be GST ready…..Be job ready"

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