Excel Important Questions

Explore a treasure trove of past Excel question papers that serve as your ultimate guide to mastering Microsoft Excel. Delve into a rich archive of real-world Excel challenges and scenarios, meticulously designed to sharpen your skills. These time-tested papers cover a wide spectrum of topics, from basic functions to advanced data analysis and charting techniques. Whether you're a student preparing for an exam or a professional aiming to enhance your Excel prowess, these question papers offer invaluable practice and insights. Excel like a pro, tackle any spreadsheet challenge, and excel in your Excel journey with these curated old question papers.

1  Review Tab > Protect Workbook, how will protect your workbook-

A. It protect all the worksheets in a workbook from being reformatted or typed into

B. It adds a password to access the worksheet

C. It prevents worksheets from being inserted, deleted or moved

D. It saves a workbook in a way that will allow only a select group of people to access to it

2  Himanshu was asked to print a sheet, however when He prints the sheet only data of two first column gets printed, what could be the most appropriate solutions of this problems?

A. He should choose Print Entire Workbook from the Print Area options

B. He should clear Print Areas which may be already set by clicking on Clear Print Area under the Print Area button in Page Setup Group of Page Layout Tab

C. He should select all the data in his work sheet and then give the print

D. He should clear the page breaks from his sheet and then print the sheet

3  __________ lets you to set a Column's width to fit its content automatically?

A. Resize

B. Auto Correct

C. Auto fit

D. Auto Fill

4  Vanshika is testing her students on Excel formulas. Which of the follwing answers contains an error that would give a result of #REF?

A.  =INDEX(B2:E7,1,2)

B.  =INDEX(B2:E2,2)

C.  =INDEX(B2:B7,1)

D.  =INDEX(B2:E7,1)

5  Anshika wants to Customize Quick Access Toolbar, How can she customize that?

A. Click File Tab>Option>Quick Access Toolbar

B. Right click anywhere on the Ribbon>Customize Quick Access Toolbar

C. Click on the drop-drown arrow at the right of Quick Access Toolbar > Choose visible commands or More commands from there

D. All of the above

6  Look at the formula mentioned here =SUM(Sheet1:Sheet9!B2), Choose which statement is not true about this?

A. This is an example of 3D Formula

B. The formula will sum the values of cell B2 of Sheet 1 and Sheet 9

C. The Formula will sum the values of cell B2 throughout, from Sheet 1 to Sheet 9 it doesn’t matter how many sheets are between these 2 sheets

D. Can't be determined

7  Choose the statement which is not true about Slicer in Excel -

A. Slicers are dynamic filters, which can be applied on Pivot Table

B. We can filter more than 1 item under Slicer

C. To add more then 1 Slicer use Alt key and click Slicers one by one

D. All of the above are correct

8  On the Page Layout tab, under Page Setup group, the Breaks button doesn't provide _____ option

A. Insert Page Break

B. Reset Paage Break

C. Remove Page Break

D. Reset All Page Breaks

9  Values in a Pivot Table can not be summarized by:-

A. Dividend


C. Average

D. Count

10  Ankit wants to insert current date in cell, he should -

A. Press Ctrl + ;

B. Type =TODAY() and hit Enter

C. Neither 1 nor 2nd option should be used

D. 1 & 2 Both can be used