"Do you have Good English knowledge but you need a partner to practice to be more fluent and confident?"

then Join COMMATE Now !

What is COMMATE?

English is a language and language has to be spoken, communicated, articulated and practised in order to achieve incessant confidence and invincible creativity. COMMATE is the new initiative by TILS to make you confident, prolific and most importantly fluent during communication. Practising through communication has always been considered one of the best ways to practise English and to be better at communication. In this challenging environment, many of you might have felt to do something to advance your English and communicational skills, and to make you clinch your desired target, TILS education has come up with an incredible initiative COMMATE to connect you with the expert so that you would be able to communicate through precisely designed activities and could gain that confidence which you have always dreamt of.
(COMMATE is not a teacher-student model-based initiative, it connects you with our expert(s) who communicate with you in English while following our amazingly designed activities to ensure the optimum outcome.)

How can you enrol for it?

Once you fill your registration form citing your basic details, a free demo of 15 minutes shall be scheduled by us in a span of 2-3 days from your registration.
After having a demo if you feel to proceed further then you will have to deposit at least 15 days fee amount in advance in order to get connected with your com-mate. Once you are done with the payment, it may take approx. 1 to 3 working days to connect you with the expert, once you get connected with your partner for the first time, your daily classes will get ensured.

A glimpse on Some Activities :-

  • Let’s know each other.
  • Let’s talk about our past’s habits & activities.
  • Cavaliers and situational reaction bouts.
  • Present schedule, Past incident, Future Plannings.
  • Audio Perception & Video Perception.
  • Let’s talk about the possessions (havings and non-havings).
  • Present Activities, Past Activities.
  • What I achieved? Where do I see myself?
  • Elaboration of any book’s portion.
  • Case Studies.
  • Miscellaneous topics (Abstract Topics, Commercial Topics Relationship Topics, Critical Analysis Topics).
  • Question Answers Session.
  • Picture Perception/ pictorial extempore.
  • Literature Part to be discussed of Hindi/ English.
  • Velfie making and many more activities.