Spot Light Animation Effect in PowerPoint

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For a computer user who in the stage of beginning it seems difficult to use various software to create some animation effects on videos and pictures, but MS-office serves a very easy application to use these animation effect. So, in this article you will learn about an animation effect which is rather popular but very effective at the same time. This article will help you in learning to create Spot Light Animation Effect in MS- PowerPoint.
बिना किसी सॉफ्टवेर के मदद के पावरपोईंट में स्पॉट लाइट एनिमेशन को आप आसानी से तैयार कर सकते हैं।
* Open MS-PowerPoint document in windows and take a blank layout slide.
* Select a rectangle from Drawing group in Home Tab.
* Create the rectangle(as per below image) in one-fourth part of slide at bottom and fill it with black color and with no outline.

* Insert a PNG image of a boy with a mic in hand and create its picture effect reflection from picture styles group from Format tab and place it on the rectangle by considering it stage.
Then make it duplicate and rotate in flip horizontal.

* Select the right triangle form Drawing Group in Home Tab and shower it as a spot light on the boy by covering the boy.
* Then Right click on it and click on format shape option. From that box make the Right Triangle transparent up to 95%.
* Then click on gradient fill and make three stops on gradient stops. Fill first stop from left with Orange color with, second from yellow, third from Gold Accent, with 95% transparency and make
the shape no outline.
* Then from effects option, give the effect of soft edges with 10pt. Then duplicate the spot light and rotate in flip horizontal on the second boy.

* Then at the broad end of spot light, make a spot in oval shape with no outline and fill yellow in color. It will be the spot created by falling light. Send it backward with boy’s image and keep it on stage as per the image. Then make it duplicate for the second boy.

* Then give the Wipe animation to the falling light into the direction from top. And change the duration of animation into 1 sec.
* Then give the animation of Appear to the oval spot of light and make it after previous.
* Then create the text box and write the information you want. Give the animation appear and keep it after the spot light.
* Then do the same animation things with the second falling light and spot. Keep the second animation after previous one.

* Then you may create a board with the name written music competition on it. Here your PowerPoint Spot Light Animation Effect is ready.

Click Here to watch Spot Light Animation Effect on our Youtube channel.

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