Idioms and Phrases (part-2)

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Idioms and phrases are always used to make the sentences effective and to make it reach to the receiver in more appropriate and understanding manner. We read and listen many idioms and phrases in our day to day life in our mother tongue, here is given one more list of those idioms and phrases which will make your spoken and written English out of the box :-

101) Cut to the quick - Hurt extremely
102) Capital punishment - Death penalty
103) To keep pot boiling - To earn enough to live
104) To bide time - To wait patiently for a favourable opportunity
105) Hoping against hope - To have very little chance of success
106) Cut no ice - To make no effect
107) To fish in troubled water - To take advantage of others problem
108) To take the bull of horns - To face the problem boldly
109) To wash dirty linen in public - To discuss personal matters in public
110) To cast pearls before a swine - To talk wisely before fools
111) To add insult to injury - Harm as well as humiliate
112) To make hay while the sun shines - Making the best use of a favourable situation
113) To call someone bluff - To challenge someone to do what he threatened to do
114) To have many irons in the fire - To do many things at the same time
115) To give one a long rope - To allow someone to continue his mistakes
116) A fool’s paradise - Happiness based on false hopes
117) A sore point - Something which hurts
118) See through - To understand
119) Eleventh hour - The last moment
120) At his own accord - Voluntarily
121) To pay lip service - To show only outward respect
122) At random - Without any conscious choice
123) A square deal - A fair bargain
124) Within a stone's throw - Very near
125) Through thick and thin - in all circumstances
126) White elephant - Costly but not very useful
127) Back out - To break a promise
128) A wolf in sheep's clothing - Hypocrite
129) Born with silver spoon in one's mouth - Born in rich family
130) To leave one in the lurch - To leave one in difficulty
131) To show one up - To expose
132) A very warm person - Very amiable person
133) A snake in the grass - A hidden enemy
134) To bring to books - to punish
135) A fair-weather friend - A friend of a good time
136) In black and white - in writing
137) A man of words - One tries to stick on words
138) A man of letters - Proficient in literature
139) To rise from the rags - Self-made person
140) Pros and cons - For /against both sides
141) His own doing - Caused by himself
142) Throw down the glove - To give a challenge
143) To catch up with - To come to their level
144) To hit the nail on the head - To do work properly
145) To keep under wraps - Secret
146) To burn the candle at both ends - To spend lavishly
147) To make mountain of molehill - To exaggerate
148) To make castles in the air - imaginary schemes
149) To show clean pair of heels - To run away
150) Ins and outs - To know all secrets/ details
151) To call spade a spade - To speak plainly
152) A black sheep - A scoundrel
153) To burn the midnight oil - To work hard
154) To beat about the bush - Circumlocution
155) To leap in the dark - To act without thinking
156) A himalayan blunder - A big mistake
157) On the cards - Certain
158) To leave no stone unturned - To do everything possible
159) Crocodile tears - False show of grief
160) To talk through one's hat - To talk foolishly
161) A cock and bull story - Fabricated false story
162) To end in smoke - Complete failure
163) To grease one's palm - To bribe
164) Juda's kiss - False show of love
165) To get into hot water - To be in difficulty
166) To blow one's own trumpet - Self-praise
167) A square peg in a round hole - Unsuitable for the job
168) Swan song - Last words / work of a person
169) Bag and baggage - With all belongings
170) Flight to the bitter end - To carry on a contest
171) Hale and hearty - Healthy and sound
172) To turn over a new leaf - To start a new course of life
173) Let bygones be bygones - Forget the unpleasant past
174) Right hand man - Most efficient assistant
175) Bread and Butter - Means of livelihood
176) To be in the good books of - In favour with someone
177) To draw the line somewhere - To set some limit
178) To bear a grudge - To have bitter feeling
179) The man in the street - The ordinary man
180) A rainy day - Evil days
181) To make a mark - To distinguish
182) Burning question - A widely debated issue
183) To get on one's nerves - To irritate
184) To run into rough weather - To face difficulty
185) To pick holes - To find fault
186) To put a spoke in one's wheel - To disturb one's plan
187) To bite the dust - To be defeated in a battle
188) Close shave - Narrow escape
189) Die out - Disappear
190) To carry the coal to New castle - To do unnecessary job
191) To do away with - Abolish
192) Carried the day - Won
193) Sitting on the fence - Hesitating between two options
194) To put two and two together - To draw a logical conclusion
195) To keep one's finger crossed - To wait anxiously
196) in high spirits - Full of enthusiasm
197) To shake in one's shoes -Tremble with fear
198) Go through fire and water -To take any risk
199) Hold one's head high -Be proud of
200) The long and short - In brief

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