How to know whether your love is real or not?

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Love is the king of feelings. Love is considered as one of the best feelings in this world. Everyone defines love from their perspective and experiences. Love is a precious feeling where you feel complete and surrender your soul to your love. Your love becomes real when it is spiritual. In today's ambience, it is rare to find a person who loves you spiritually.
One can know whether his or her love is real or not by: -

1. Have your behaviour been changed with yourself or not?
The real love is not where you started loving a person, real love is when you started loving yourself more just because of the emotion that you feel with your partner.

2. Do you have gratitude?
In today's era love has the deficiency of gratitude. And the biggest reason behind dissatisfaction is lacking of gratitude. True love must be having the feeling of gratitude.
"Love is what spring does to trees, not what autumn does to leaves."

3.Are you a suitable partner?
Before expecting anything from your partner, do ask a question to yourself that, Am I a suitable partner? If you don't have the dedication towards your beloved and you can't do that thing which you are expecting from him or her. Then you need to be a suitable partner first. -Be a giver.

4.Is your feeling Love or Compassion?
Love is a passionate feeling of affection and attachment whereas compassion is something deeper than love. If you feel compassion with your partner then you are at the next stage of love.

5. Your love is for materialistic things or to make your partner’s life better?
If you cordially love a person then the physical presence of him or her doesn't matter. If you need it then you are only having the attachment or attraction, not love. If you can leave the person for his betterment and endure the physical absence then you are in real love. Be a donner of love.

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