Difference among KEEP, HAVE & PUT

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English is a language where you may find many diversities in a word and meanings. Sometimes you may find a word having many Hindi meanings and sometimes a Hindi meaning having different words to describe.
Here, in this article, we will discuss such words that have the same meaning in Hindi but have different usage and different spells. The words are Keep, have, and Put. Let’s learn their usage and differences from each other.

Use of HAVE
The verb Have is used to indicate the possession or right over something or someone. The verb is used to show the possession of especially those things which are completely possessed by someone or something. It belongs to the subject.
The Hindi meaning of Have is to keep something with you which belongs to you and you can show your right over that. That is why it is known as possession too. The past simple and past participle form of have is Had. For example: -
1. I have a large family with many members.
2. I have feelings for you in my heart.
3. Those people have beautiful green eyes.
4. Doctors have difficult job in the times of pandemic.
Have is also used as helping verb to indicate the accomplished tense of present with some particular subjects I, We, You, and They. After this helping verb, the action verb comes in its past participle form.
1. They have torn the many notes in stacks.
2. We have grown-up in a village as it is our hometown.
3. I have washed the clothes so you can wear them in party.
4. I have cleaned the room, now it is dust free.

Use of KEEP
The verb or action word Keep is used to indicate the retain possession over something. But if you try to find the similarity between Have and Keep then both are meant to show the possession over something. But here is a difference between both, When something and someone belongs to you then you need to apply Have, whereas if something or someone does not belong to you, but for a quite long time you have possession over it, then you need to apply Keep.
We can understand more about the action verb Keep by below examples. The past and past participle form of Keep is kept. For example: -
1. You can keep my pen with you.
2. You can keep this change.
3. He kept my books on the table.
4. I always keep records for my projects.

Keep can also be use in keeping somethings in the certain state or to give instruction about something or someone. For example: -
1. Keep this cat out of my room.
2. Keep going straight. You’re almost there.
3. We keep away from negative people.
4. Keep off the topic of exams when you meet Nisha, she is already tensed for her exams.

Keep also conveys the message of doing something persistently. Here Keep gets used as a helping verb in the sentence. The action verb comes in its –ing form after the helping verb keep. For example: -
1. Her dog keeps barking, whenever somebody enters into home.
2. He keeps humming songs.
3. I will keep learning to drive car.
4. My parents keep forcing me to get married.

Use of PUT
Put is used to keep something and someone in a particular place or positing for temporary purpose. It differs from Keep and Have. It does not mean to show possession over something or someone. The past and past participle form of Put is Put. It remains same. For example: -
1. Put my clothes in cupboard.
2. She put her baby in the pram.
3. I have put books on the table.

Put is used sometimes to express something in words. For example: -
1. I tried to put my feelings into words, but I couldn’t.
2. It is difficult for him to put across his views.
3. Try to put your notion clearly before boss.

Put is used sometimes to express the cause of sometime or someone in a particular situation or condition. For example: -
1. How can you put your kid’s health in danger?
2. Try to put your past in past and look forward to future.
3. My parents are putting lot of pressure on me for choosing this college.

Here, we learned the difference between HAVE, PUT, and KEEP. The usage of all three verbs or action words HAVE PUT, and KEEP can convey different meaning s as their usages are completely different from each other.


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