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This article is not just a bitter truth of today’s life but also a ray of hope as well which is trying to bring the light of truth back in everyone’s heart.

This article also emphasis on one of the most important and indispensable initiatives of Dr. Abhilash Modi, the initiative name is “I am Your Dost” and it works to solve the personal, professional, emotional, psychological, philosophical and sentimental problems of human life.

Let’s first understand the need of it and its origination: -

The beginning of life for all of us is almost same and for the first few years, in our innocence, in love, and even in displeasure, the light of truth is there as it doesn’t affect us much what do people of this world think about because we are as true in our mind as we are in front of everyone.

But as soon as we start growing up, sometimes due to our own wrong thinking and sometimes because of the impractical practicality of the world, we start losing the light of our truth which not only makes us capable of being human, but the light of that truth shows us the right path at every step even when we stray into the path of life.

Slowly, we start acting despite not wanting, whether it is acting of being cool in front of friends or acting to say a lie by saying "I am very good" when asked how are you?

We slowly start acting, and start accepting acting in life, we also start to forget what we really are, what we want in reality.

We say it very easily, I am fine

I wish I was fine if it were true then drinking alcohol, attempting suicide, going in depression and never-ending anger & peevish would not be so common.

I have experienced many such people very closely who do not know when they are run into apathy i.e. depression due to this duplicity, fakeness and acting.

And soon they start realizing that no one can understand them in this world and their parents, even their close ones, do not realise it but gradually the desire to live in them starts decreasing.

What is the meaning of that “acting” which snatches the desire to live life from us?

But if the true support of someone good and genuine is with us then at such a time, your heart movements rarely die.

So, here I would want to raise a request, If you do not feel really happy then do not act to be happy or so called cool, do not remain among such people who are taking away your reality from you.

Talk to some people who understand you or try to understand you.

I am very sure that one day we will find the light in each other which we have lost somewhere we just have to raise our hand to help.

Note: - As mentioned above as well that for solving the problem of loneliness, fakeness, acting to be happy while being sad, duplicity Dr. Abhilash Modi and has started a great initiative named “I Am Your Dost”

It is too common to have some queries related to our personal & professional life that we are not able to get the solutions of.

Kindly fill up the form and share your problem here, shortly you will be allotted a time and then contacted by Our DOSTS (Dr. Abhilash Modi and Dr. Ekta Sangtani) in order to get your questions’ most appropriate answers from them with the help of their years of vast and problem-solving experience. I am your dost accessible link is here

to understand it better you may also watch the video through the below given link

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