What is the primary purpose of schools and colleges?

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Before knowing the purpose of school and college we need to know the meaning of education. Education means what we are learning, we need to understand it and that should help us in living a better life. Whatever we become, there is always a crucial role of school and college.
Let’s try to understand what are the primary purpose of school and colleges
1. There are many types of education. It simply doesn’t mean to get just grades and degrees. Below things are also included in education; -
• Education increases understanding.
• It teaches self-discipline.
• It teaches to listen everyone precisely.
• It develops the profound desire of learning.
2. Having said that, house is a first school for a child and mother is the first teacher. But schools and colleges also play a very important role in making a child to a good student. Students learn sacraments in school that help them in future.
3. The purpose of school is to make students capable; so that they can live a meaningful and purposeful life.
4. The purpose of schools and colleges is not to teach us only to earn money but to value that money also.
5. Schools and Colleges are the crucial part of a students’ life where their heart and mind can get trained to face challenges and to earn the self-esteem.
6. Students learn about their life goals in school and colleges, where they want to head in their life?
7. In schools their minds are enough mature to think what is right for them. Schools’ atmosphere gives them a positive attitude in life.
8. Schools and colleges make students social, so that they can understand their responsibilities for society and country and after knowing these responsibilities they can fulfill them
9. Cultural programs of schools make students participative and develop skills in them.
We should not be competitive for information but for knowledge. We can get good degree and good mark without learning but the best thing one can learn is to learn to learn. Schools and colleges are the foundation of the golden future of students.

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