5 Parameters on which boys should not get attracted by girls

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We all know this story – “A boy meets to a girl, both of them start to converse, boy starts to take interest in girl, he gets attracted by that girl & he starts feeling more fulfilled with that girl”.
But in this highly paced time he has forgotten what life is all about. He has lost the touch with credibility. Even boys don’t know why are they getting attracted by girls. So here we are going to understand about those 5 parameters, on which boys shouldn’t get attracted by girls.

These parameters are -

Boys have so many expectations in order to find their better half. When a boy encounters a meet with a girl, he thinks she is appropriate according to him (not for him) & he starts getting attracted by that girl. He starts to think that his expectations would get fulfilled by that girl. If it happens then we can decide what would be the outcomes. So, by being aware about the consequences, boy must not get attracted with a girl.

Status can be broken down in two parts.
Internal - including (confidence, communication skills, understanding)
External - including (job, material possessions, beauty, complexion)
A girl is having branded material possessions & fair complexion. But these things can not define her personality. It can’t be judged that only righteous personalities have these things. Despite knowing this, boys get attracted by girls who have good external status. So, one must not.

Human body has a specific natural formation. This formation keeps releasing some chemicals in human body in some particular stages. Both genders have their biological self-esteem because of these chemicals. So, they feel attracted towards their opposite gender & it is totally natural.
But somewhere boys don’t have this much mental maturity in this state that they could understand what is happening with them & they get attracted by girls.

These things have been getting increased day-by- day and playing the role of honey traps in the life of today’s generation. Everyone wants to be famous. For some extent it is being considered too that the person who is famous one, is the right one. But it is not true.
Somewhere it is just another testimony of being immature. So, boys shouldn’t get attracted by a girl on the basis of fame & stardom.

We are living in an era where human beings are not less connected. Social media is the biggest platform of friendship for today’s generation. Maximum people are suffering on social media in order to not to feel alone. And it has been creating the biggest tragedy for youth, “DUALISM”.
This is the reality of social media that many people are having fake IDs on it. Even many people are using their original ID only for showing-off the things. We can see many examples in news as well that how people are getting cheated by fake IDs. Nobody can say that a person who is using social media is a real person.
These are psychological, natural & social parameters. These parameters have been losing their values due to our reluctance, nihilism & mental immaturity. These things are also playing a vulgar role in our society. So, don’t let yourself getting stuck in the enchantment of attraction.

World deserves your best version within you.

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