“10 common sentences are used by parents while scolding their children which they don’t actually mean”

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We live in a family despite it we feel alone because every person of the family keeps being busy in own way. We don’t communicate our ideas and problems with our parents or family. We are making our family on social media and living fake life. So, we can’t live positive life with family and it makes arguments issue among family members and us. Due to it, every parent use common sentence for scolding their children.
10 Common Sentences are used by parents while scolding their children: -
Abusing while Scolding: -
Parents abuse their children while scolding on their mistakes. They can make understand to their children simply but they don’t do this. They have only 5 to 10 words to scold which are worthless words.

Demotivating (You can do nothing): -
Sometime parents scold their children due to unnecessary stress, overthinking. They try to do something better for family. But when they get stuck in problem or get failed then they release stress on children. They say to children that you can do nothing; you are worthless son or daughter. Somewhere children get demotivated. Children mind the things and think bad about parents. Relationship gets separated due to it.

Telling ills about People: -
Boys and girls who are especially in teenage, keep telling ills about people. And children keep saying, “I don’t want to make this kind of friends. They are belonging to lower caste and they are belonging to upper caste. Parents make up children’s mind in a very wrong manner. It changes children’s mind and way of thinking about people.

Being Emotional: -
Every parent is emotionally close to children. Every parent always thinks about children. But somewhere parents use their emotional attitude to children. They attack or scold emotionally for making children ready for their will. They say, “We nourished you so that you would make us feel proud.” And children start to think about parents that they did a lot for us.

We Want to You to Be Happier: -
Everyone wants to become something accordingly. So, children decide to do something but they don’t do which they decide. Parents want children to become and do something according to them (parents) and they say, “We want you to be happier.” So, parents disagree to children’s decisions. Owing to parents, children mind trifles and think bad about parents, because parents stop their children.

Settle: -
Every parent wants to get their children settled. That’s why parents keep telling to their children that, “Once you just get a government job then keep enjoying your life.” Parents scold and taunt their children about being settled.

Look that Sharma’s Boy: -
We know friends; every parent always compares their children to others. Parents scold their children that “look that Sharma’s boy and look at yourself, he is so smart in study and you are duffer in all.

Force for marriage: -
Indian parents get their children married not by seeing the time and age, but by seeing the opportunity (party). Parents force their children to get married. Generally, parents say this party is good for you, don’t deny for it. Sometimes parents force and scold their children to get married because grandparents want to see the marriage of their grandchildren.

We Don’t Know about You: -
Generally, parents say we don’t know about you, you have to live upcoming life. You have to decide, what do you have to do? We know that we have to nurture and feed you and we are doing all.

Keep Your Own Business: -
You must have listened this from your parents that, “keep your own business.” Parents say to children that always remember when you go and come to school/college/coaching at that time do not talk to anyone, do not stay anywhere.
Guys we know parents scold us, but we need to understand one thing that we should not mind anything and bother ourselves. We need to give a gap to our mind and think that problems are in us or in our parents. If we get problems in ourselves then there is no problem. If we get problems in our parents then we must know reasons that why are they scolding us? Are they somewhere in the problems? We should help them and try to understand them.


Ritu Tanwar

2022-02-27 19:09:24

This is truly realistic...

Divyansh Suwalka

2020-06-08 09:38:19

I would like to tell this thing only that, decision of parents can be wrong but there intention is always to do the best for you.????

Divyansh Suwalka

2020-06-08 09:35:18

While telling the truth, I have never felt so in my family. But I can feel some strong feelings from this article and after reading the comments, I would like to ask that, Is it really happening?


2020-06-07 20:48:57


Sweety goyal

2020-05-21 10:28:28

Every parents should read this article....

Rahul banetiya

2020-05-20 17:55:30

It happens actually i have heard many time from my parents. This blog will motivate all parents to be a good parents.
Really this is amazing??

Surbhi jain

2020-05-19 15:46:47

Right! It usually happens. Parents do not make understand us . They only scold us. Abuse us. They do not want to try understand us.

Avantika tripathi

2020-05-19 14:51:00

I think all can relate to this blog...this is really nice.

Pradeep Ranka

2020-05-19 11:38:45

It's just amazing


2020-05-19 11:37:48

In my family it happens sometimes so jaanker Achha lga ki m akela nhi hu

Rohit Sharma

2020-03-25 09:29:52

It's always been same.

Khushi Heda

2020-03-24 14:11:20

Graceful, my mom dad react like that .. it is original...

Ritu Kanwar Bhati

2020-03-17 17:01:41

It's really great, it should be spread.....


2020-03-17 10:41:11

Great notion.... It's really happening..?

Abhilash Modi

2020-03-02 16:02:12

It's just awesome

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