5 most common boys' problems in modern world

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Dear readers nowadays we are moving towards technology rapidly. It has been bringing so many changes in our outer world. We have become very sound in using this technology. And with these smart gadgets we are doing very smart mistakes and suffering from small problems. So, I want to emphasize on, ‘five common problems of boys' in this modern world"

Attraction is the most common problem of boys. Boys feel unwantedly attracted towards girls due to harmonic and psychological changes. Due to this they are not able to focus on their career, study, goal and important things of their life. They waste a lot of valuable time due to the attraction.

2. NOTION: - In this modern world boys have so much information by internet besides it; they do not have any infant, genuine idea to do their work devotedly. They believe in only “Copy-Paste”. It would create a very big problem in future. The habit of ‘Copy-Paste’ is gradually making everyone thoughtless.

3. ANGER: - It is a game of pinky finger to irk a boy. Anger has got inculcated in their behavior. It is a big fix because they don't think about the causes of their anger. Their anger force them to take unwantedly wrong action like- they fight with their parents, teachers, relatives; they harm someone or themselves physically. Then they regret for their actions. Aggression with a reason can be justified but anger without reason kills everyone.

4. ABUSING: - Abusing is also a very common problem of every generation. Especially it is very much common in youth. Slanging is like to abuse any language. Boys slang more even in every little talk. It creates a bad image in surrounding especially to those who see and learn from them. They search adult things on Google, YouTube they make abuse of technology. Inclination towards bad habit is increasing day by day in boys.

5. LAZY THINKERS: - In India people are crazy about mobile phone, social media, TV serial, cricket match. Everybody is loving to become couch-potatoes. Deeply it is damaging their power of thinking. In order to get temporary pleasure, they are doing their permanent loss. It will make them forget the role of hard work in life. Even they are not able to bear little mental pain. Technology is begetting lazy thinkers.

Every plant gets grown by a seed as every problem has its origin. If we figure-out profoundly, then we would find that all problems arise with a habit of wrong practice and later on it reflects in present. We need to develop the habit of developing right habits.

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