3 Mistakes all do when they meet their better-half for first time

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Nature has created many species. All species have their own existence. Human is one of those species too. It has to breed to make its existence stable. But it has become vagary of time. It is not only about existence but also about living a blissful, fulfilled life.
People have to follow many rituals in order to live a blissful, fulfilled life. They have to choose their better-half as well. But when it comes to choose their better-half, somewhere they miss their mark & they attempt many mistakes.
There are those 3 mistakes all do when they meet their better half for first time.
People have many emotional, social, financial & physical needs. When it comes to choose their partner, they become needy. They think like beggars. As we all know that baggars know only one thing, so they can’t choose someone. There is only one thing for them to do, “begging”.
When a person gets his/her life partner on the basis of these needs then he/she is only compelled to accept that partner. Needs may help you to find appropriate source. But it is not a right way to choose a better-half.
When people meet to their better half for first time, they start to figure out the similarity in them. But every human has its unique existence & unique pros and cons. It is not easy to find similarity in them.
So, people start thinking illogically. They try to figure out their likes & dislikes. They start to think that if their likes & dislikes are same than they must be made for each-another. But life can’t be lived only on the basis of like & dislikes. Life has many ups & downs. We live it to savour these ups & downs.
People get pleased when they find a charismatic personality in their better half. They get attracted by that personality & they start to consider themselves blessed.
But they don’t think “would their partner be able to give them time or not?” In this highly paced time, it is too important to have time for our better half. If your partner has no free time to spend with you then there is no sweetness in your life.
So, start to think practically. Don’t make air castles. Start to take things decisively from your heart. Once you get good at it then you would realize the savour of life.

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