10 challenges which all will face in future

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There are many challenges, we all face and will be facing in future. If we some awareness about the problems then we would be able to solve some problems on our basis and we would not be increasing these problems.

There are some types of problems can be:
Nature problems
Emotional problems
Social Problems
Physical Problems

Nature Problems: -
1. Global warming: -
• Changes in the time of seasonal event which will create problem in cultivation and ecosystem.
• Sea level is rising day by day which will create problem of flood.
• Rising temperature is threatening the development of developing country.
• Mass migration
• Farmers are getting disappointed by the random changes in climate and many are attempting suicide.

2. Pollution: -
• Only trees can control air pollution and we are cutting trees for our needs and requirements. When trees would be less then air would be polluted and we would not get pure oxygen.
• We are wasting water speedily and it is sure that we would not have pure water to drink.
Emotional problems: -

3. Lack of patience: -
• Mobile Phone: - Previously If we wanted to convey our message or we wanted to talk to someone then we had to write letter and we had to wait for the letter or answer but now whenever we want to talk, we can do, we don’t need to keep patience.
• Online food delivery: - Whenever we used to feel famished. We used to make food for self and we used to wait till the food get cooked but now we don’t need to wait, we just make a call and we get whatever we want to eat.
• Parenting: - Parents are giving facilities to their children more than requirement. They are showing their love by fulfilling their all demands. By this, children are getting addicted to get everything easily. When they would not get something quickly or easily that time they would not work hard for that thing. They are measuring everything in give and take.

4. Splurge or duplicity: -
• In marriages and parties: - When we go in marriage party that time, despite having no close connection and relation, we are forced to greet everyone in such parties.
And sometimes despite having austerity of money, they invest in marriage to show that they have money. For that they take loan from banks.
• In relationship: - Now-days students are wasting their huge time in worthless things. They are going for relationships to just show that they are modern. Even they don’t know that they love to their partner or not, they care or not. They are not understanding the real meaning of love.
• Living according to people not according to self: - We are purchasing things for showing our luxuries not to fulfill our needs. We are wasting our huge money in worthless things. Many students are choosing their subject or career according to their status not by their interest which will create problem in future because one can’t give his 100% in any work if he doesn’t have interest in it.

5. Lack of decision taking power: -
Now parents want to give every facility to their children. They don’t let their children be in problem. They solve all problems of them. They don’t let their children take decision for their future that’s why children lack in being decisive.
Social problems: -

6. Religious conflicts: -
Every person has his own thoughts and beliefs. Everyone wants to prior his own religion and community. And these beliefs of communities and religions end up in riots and fights and become the reason of peace-less activities. They don’t want to understand the meaning of the eternal power which exists in this world.

7. Crime: -
In which speed humanity is decreasing, crime rate will increase more and more. Whenever we read newspaper, we get many news of crimes and many crimes are happening around us. Children are killing to their parents for money or their property, men are smiting to their wife, students are taking drugs or alcohols, seniors are ragging to junior, many suicides are happening. If we see crime rate according to country then these are three countries where crimes are in huge quantity
Brazil is on first no.
India is on second no.
Mexico is on third no.

8. Poverty: -
Poor are becoming poorer and rich are becoming richer because of their intelligence or their greed. In India 67% people of population is poor who holds only 8% of wealth, middle class people are 32% of population and they have 33% of wealth and rich people are only 1% but they hold 58% of wealth. Rich people are divided in three parts: -
1. Financial leaders
2. Political leaders
3. Religious leaders

9. Discrimination: -
Discrimination is decreasing humanity day by day and it happens due to several things. These are some types of discrimination.
• Gender based discrimination: - A girl has to look beautiful. Other things are after then looks and a boy has to take responsibilities of his wife, his children. He must earn well.
• Cast based discrimination: - Many people do work according to their cast. It has become a problem when they compelled to do work according to their cast and don’t get job as per their qualities. Some people who think that they belong from upper cast they don’t give respect to other cast people.

10. Health problem: -
Now maximum people are depending on medicine only. Immunity system is getting down. Many people are losing their lives due to disease. There are some reasons-
• We are giving priorities to our tongue more than our health.
• Chemicals are being used in cultivation. Due to this we are not getting pure vegetables or food.
• Some doctors want to become richer that’s why they are making their patients to regular customer.
• People are taking more stress. It is creating problem of depression and high blood pressure.

We need to clarify that what is important for us and what is not. Many problems are there we need to solve it on our basis.



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