5 ways to maintain the confidence during performance

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Often, we start our performance enthusiastically but gradually we start to lose our confidence. Many times, our confidence decreases due to fear, discomforts and criticism. There are many factors behind it and there are solutions too. Let’s discuss some ways that can be used to maintain the same confidence in the performance throughout.

1. Practice
• Practice makes everything better. Some performances get spoiled due to several small mistakes and this happens due to lack of practice.
• Fumbles and mistakes in performance decrease the level of confidence in us. Nobody wants to listen a person who commits mistakes in his talk. Practice is august for good confidence.

2. Connect with audience
• Audience is a prop which is available everywhere. Build rapport with audience. Try to relate your words with audience by exemplifying your points.
• If possible, try to get their suggestions. They would show their interest and you would get to know whether they are finding it related or not. This will give you a boost for performance.

3. Speak your experience
• Always remember that a talk seems real when the speaker has experienced it in his life. When you will speak your life then not only your mouth, your eyes will also tell your story.
• In this situation, you will be confident enough. If you would speak something impressive but you haven't experienced it yet then you will hesitate to perform.

4. Edutainment
• Give education with some entertainment. Add some sarcasm in your performance. It won't make it boring and will keep the audience grabbed.
• Relax your mind with some hilarious facts and boost yourself for further performance. Enjoy your performance so that audience will be able to connect it.

5. Be Energetic
• A good start and end are important for a performance. A speaker's good energy level is mandatory for making performance impressive and effective.
• Follow some good speakers and try to adopt good qualities of them without imitating them. Do some mental and physical exercise before performance. Use lukewarm water to make your voice clear and prepare your mind by gathering fundamental knowledge of some things.

Confidence is something which increases with time and regular practice. To become a good orator, one must have this. With a little bit of concern and taking care of some things we can build it. Forgetting things and making mistakes while speaking is the result of lack of confidence. By following above tips, we can easily increase confidence level.



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