How to participate in a Group Discussion (GD)

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Knowledge, it is the only thing, which makes every human different and, in my opinion, knowledge is the only thing which makes human different from animals. One of the major profits of being a human is that we can share our thoughts and knowledge with each other.
Group Discussion, as sounds this is a group activity in which a group of people discusses a single topic. In this activity, everyone can make his own point of vista. By this, we can find many pros and cons of that single topic. Group discussion may beneficial in many ways, it improves listening skills, communication skills, and by this, you may also practice speaking fluency.
Nowadays, it is organized by many institutions and it is also a very common method for selecting a good employee from many of the interview participants. Some of the basic things from which one can improve his performance in a group discussion are as follows; -

1. Be familiar with the topic - If the topic has been given to you before the group discussion then try to collect more and more information about the topic and clear all your doubts about it. You may also go earlier to the venue. If it would be spontaneous then too you may go early to the venue and talk to the other participants. You can take their help. They might have had the experience of group discussion before as well.

2. Be participative not dominant - In a group discussion, throughout the time you might be getting new thoughts, don't judge them by yourself, speak them. You would always get feedback on it. Don't collect them and wait for your turn always try to be active in a group discussion.

3. Always try to be fluent while speaking - In a group discussion, one should always try to be fluent because all have such a lot to say and many times your fluency represents your level of confidence on your own point of view.

4. Never try to interrupt – Whenever you find that someone is speaking always let him or her complete. If you are not satisfied with his\her points you have some very different points. You are ready to oppose but after that all too let him complete because it can also happen that now you are interrupting and later on you can also be interrupted, and no one likes interruption in between.

5. Your tone should be audible – Sometimes, it may happen that you are not able to speak loudly or clearly because of fear or nervousness, you must be remembering this thing that if someone is not able to listen now then after some time he would not like to listen. Sometimes because of another thing we change our voice tone like while making someone understand our own points, while favoring someone or opposing someone, but our tone of voice should be the same because you should not be showing your emotions in a group discussion.

6. Bachelors in all and Master in one (BAMO) rule - Sometimes the topic of group discussion, may not be related to your field or you would not be interested in the topic despite this all you need to remember that the basic knowledge of every single field will help you or make your personality better than past so you can be master in one but bachelors in all.

7. Prioritise listening more rather than speaking only - In a group discussion never be stuck to yourself only. Always try to listen to the thoughts of all. After listening you may filter as per your sense and imbibe them. It would always be useful to you.
Now, remember these all the things while being in a group discussion. It may help you a lot and by these all the things you may make yourself considered as a good participant.

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