5 qualities which a world class orator has

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Orator: The one who is good at addressing public and knows when to, where to and how to present words before audience.
5 qualities that make him/her world class:
1. Grabs attention.
Within 10-30 seconds of delivering an oration, an orator grabs the attention of all listeners by:
• Props
• Asking questions
• Showing statistics
• Telling stories
• Humor
• Pause and Pan technique
2. Confidence
An orator speaks with tremendous confidence because he believes that he is the best version of himself without thinking that he is best in the world. And that is where he becomes a person with self-confidence not arrogance.
3. Does in his/her way
An orator is unique in every way like speaking, gestures that is where he/she gets different identity than other speakers. He/she tries to adopt good qualities of being a speaker from other orators but does not follow any one.
4. Clear, specific and understandable
An orator always speaks with clarity and specificness. For example:
He never speaks “ books ” like “ instruments that record , analyze , summarize ,organize , debate , and explain information ; that are illustrated , hard-bound , paperback , jacketed , non – jacketed , with foreword, introduction, table of contents , index that are intended for the enlightenment , understanding , enrichment , enhancement , and education of the human being through the sensory route of vision, sometimes touch.”
Source – 3 idiots movie
5. Loves to speak
An orator never takes any oration as any burden, oratory is his/her passion or hard work that never seems hard to him/her. An orator is a skilled speaker.

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