5 most important things you should know before meeting to your life partner

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1. Life partner is trustworthy or not?
Trust is the basic part of a relationship because it is the only thing which can make a relationship go longer. In this ambiance people are officially getting fear to trust on anyone. So, it is the essential element to be maintained. Trust is not the thing which one can buy from supermarket. One has to show some concern to make her/him feel safe physically, mentally, emotionally. It is very simple term in the words to be spoken but very deep to understand because many relationships are suffering from the lack of trust.

2. Is he a time spender or lavisher?
In a life full of hustle-bustle of works and daily routine activities spending the money has become the easiest task to be performed but spending the time is the toughest. Time is worth to gift someone who to make memories not money with. By spending the time, we can know to each other the fullest. By spending the time with each other we can avoid some conflicts in relationship. It can help to person to grow in the relationship. One who has time to give is in healthier relationship than one who has only money to give.

3. Does he/she forgive?
Forgiveness is the quintessential in a relationship. Forgiving to someone can be the hardest thing after getting hurt but forgiveness creates a happy environment. It frees one from the anxiety, stress, depression and frees from feeling vulnerable. Attempting the mistakes or blunders is the human nature but forgiving to one at the time shows the most generous nature which one should have.

4. How does he/she make you feel?
A person who doesn't make you feel special on your birthdays but make you feel every day that YOU ARE SOMETHING. Organising the birthday parties, celebrating the valentine's day, taking to five-star restaurant, giving a rose can be the easiest things to make someone feel special for one day. But making someone feel that YOU ARE SOMETHING and you can do anything to become independent the best things which can be gifted. By listening it from someone can surely boost up to a person to do something so we should know about the person can only make feel special for one day off for every single moment.

5. How a person like to spend his /her time
We should know about it in today's time where distractions are so much in aura. How people like to spend the time with family shows their interest love or affection for the family. It can help the family to grow or maintain the actual good relationship.
Spending the non-working hours with anything depends on person by asking this question shows that what is the most important thing for one to do. Free time makes a person feel relax after working for a long period of time .It gives a specific slot in which one can think about his /her self. So in that time what a person likes to do shows his /her priority.

6. What is the love for him/her

As it is considered the love is the purest feeling in this world? It’s the most profound human feeling. So many people are actually not familiar with this feeling and they take it in the way of the romance and consider it love. By asking this question to the person you can get to know his/her perspectives about the love.

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