5 Challenges of working in a Metro city

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Metro city is known as where nearly 10-50 lakh people live. It is known as busy and running city, metro city has long distance between working places. It has also high-class transportations for the people, there it does not matter that work starts from morning or evening or night. But where crime keeps taking place and people are becoming frustrated in metro city due to working and travelling.
1. High Cost for Living: -
This is the one of the major problems in metropolitan. To live in metro cities people, have to do sacrifice with their needs and desire due to inflation. Inflation is getting increased day by day. It’s really difficult to full fill the needs of a common man in city life. That’s why maximum people have stuck in city lights. Many people want to live in urban areas but the cost of living is too much.

2. Less communication: -
In the busy schedule of metro cities life style it is really difficult to utilize time for family and self for an individual. Because in city life it doesn’t matter there is night or day. People are compelled to do work. People are not having enough time to share their feelings with family members and friends. So, lack of time is one of the reasons behind less communication. People are getting involved in modernity and they like to spend their leisure time with social media. It impacts wrongly on their life.

3. Crimes in metro city: -
The large numbers of population have been surviving in metropolitan. As per the population the crime rates in urban areas are getting increased. In Indian metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata the crimes are on broad level. These cities are having crimes such as murder, kidnapping, crimes against children, women, senior citizens and cyber-crimes are one of the biggest problems in metro cities. Reason behind the crime is that everyone is running behind money and the humanity is getting died from everyone’s life. No one has trust on anyone. But we know this that even we don’t get justice in such aura.
4. Transportation: -
Transportation is not that much easy in metropolitan as we think. It is also a major reason of loopholes in metro city. Again, it is taking here same point, high cost, and giving over time because if we don’t have bike or any vehicles, we can book bike online on Ola, Ubber etc. and resources to transport goods. We are compelled to give too much time in resources for the transportation due to long distance between working places. It is not in favor either.
5. Unfamiliar to Nature: -
The nature is august part of everyone’s life. Nature gives many things when we spend our time with nature, it gives happiness. But in this developing and technical world where people are running after vanity where as they should not. All metro cities are developed by destroying the nature. So now they are not getting nature’s beauty to spend a good time with their families. That is why it is a biggest loophole of metro city.
Metro city could have been beneficial for the human life but it does not seem. But people are being unfamiliar for making cities developed. It is not indicating good sign for the cities either. Development should be here but it does not mean we become unfamiliar to the nature and world.


Rustom Powerry

2020-07-29 13:26:54

Amazing points about metro city which I didn't know about it before reading it

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