5 mistakes which every student does while learning English language

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To learn English, we all apply so many efforts but despite it, we do not be able to learn English. Because we do not follow the right ways to learn English. Sometimes we keep doing mistakes and nobody lets us know about our mistakes and loopholes. So now we are going to have some mistakes that every student does while learning English.

(1.) Student's 'Why' factor is not clear – Most people say that I want to learn English but they do not have any strong reason to learn English. Why factor means people do not give any reason for themselves to learn English. Actually, we people do not have any idea that why am I learning English? People apply so many efforts to learn English and they keep attempting mistakes and keep going on the wrong path of learning English but when they get to know about their mistakes, they do not be able to reform it and they quit learning spoken English. So why factor means we all must have a strong reason means a determination. So before learning English gives a strong reason to yourself which will keep pushing you to learn English.
Remember if you want to learn spoken English then first clear your Why factor.

(2.) The student does not speak in English – Most of the people say that they want to learn English but they do want to talk in English. Generally, it happens that people say that I want to learn English. But when the time comes of speaking in English then they start to make lame excuses. The main segment of spoken English is speaking in English. So, if you would not speak in English how would be able to learn spoken English? Many people quit learning English because they don’t want to leave their comfort zone. Eventually, people make themselves unable to speak in English. So, we can consider it a great mistake which most people do while learning spoken English.
So, people have to change their self-created rules which are making them disable to do something.

(3.) The student has fear of losing self-respect – Many people think that they are having a good reputation in society or their circle. So, they do not want to lose it. In spoken English when we learn it we have to speak in English but in the initial level when we do learn spoken English we attempt so many mistakes, so some people think that if I would speak wrong English then I would get insulted in front of some of my relatives or friends. So, instead of speaking in English people start to be quiet to not to lose their self-respect, so they do not be able to learn English. People think that I have limited friends and relatives and only they give me respect so if I would speak wrong English then nobody would give respect to me. Finally, people do not change their rules so they do not be able to learn English.

(4.) The student wants to be in the comfort zone – To learn spoken English we have to leave our comfort zone to learn it more preciously. But so many people do not be able to live without their comfort zone so after some time they start to misbehave and finally they quit. When we leave our comfort zone, we get to have so many hurdles that make us able to survive in this world. If we talk about comfort zone then what does it mean?
Comfort zone means those conditions in which we find ourselves suitable to do those works which are easy for us. We may say that we have limited works and conditions to do or stay.
People do not want to have un-comfort so they do want to be in an uncomfortable zone. By this, they do not be able to survive in an uncomfortable zone. So, people do not learn English from their bad habits.

(5.) The student does not do practice – To learn anything in life we have to have a practice of that thing. Same as spoken English if we would not have a practice of spoken English then we would not be able to learn English. Most of the people do not do the practice. Many people have the misconception that they have great knowledge of English so they do not do the practice English so, they keep having this kind of misconception in their minds and by this, they would not be able to learn English. Somewhere people have the idea that practice is compulsory. But due to their business and recklessness, people do not be able to learn English.
Practice makes a man perfect so do not leave this important step.

So, we talked about so many mistakes that do not let us learn English. But still, people do such mistakes. So have an idea about such mistakes and avoid them.



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