How to start a presentation and end it well?

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One thing which terrifies most of the professionals is to give a presentation in front of his seniors and subordinates. One needs to have good presentation skills to present his ideas and make everyone agrees on your proposal. So, it is a must to learn skills for professionals and for everyone who aspires to reach a top position. There are some ways that you may use to make your presentation more effective and leave an impact on your audience.

1. Clear the ‘Why’ factor: - The first few minutes of any presentation decides whether the audience is going to listen to the presentation or not. So, it becomes necessary to clear the ‘why’ factor of your audience to listen to your presentation in starting a few minutes of it. You should tell all the reasons to them that why should they listen to you and how is it going to benefit them.

2. Engage the audience: - As the presentation progresses the facts, statistics, and theory of the presentation start seeming boring to the audience. The audience starts to lose interest in the presentation. You should break the wall between you and the audience and try to make it relating. You should-

• Ask questions to your audience.
• Make eye contact with everyone. Do not stare at only a few people.
• Make stories to tell the facts and statistics
• Use some media
It will help you to engage your audience from the beginning to the end of the presentation.

3. Keep it simple and Idea centric: - It should be very clear to you that whatever you are going to speak is relevant to the topic and it is not going to divert the attention of your audience from the main idea. Overwhelming the audience with data and information is not going to help you in making your presentation effective even it would make it complicated for the audience and waste the time.
So, try to use only that content that should be able to convey your message and which is relevant to the topic of the presentation.

4. Be energetic and Confident: - Would you listen to a person who is not energetic while speaking to you? Your answer would obviously be ‘No’.
The audience takes interest in the presentation only when the presenter is energetic and confident throughout the presentation. It is only possible when you are sure that no one can present your idea better than you. You should be ready to answer all the queries of the audience and you should be fully prepared to present that.

5. Give a mock presentation: - Practice may help you in making your presentation better. Before you give the main presentation, you should present that before some people or record that. It would help you in knowing where are you doing wrong and you would be able to the element that before giving the main presentation. It would also help you in figuring out the time you are taking while giving a presentation. Practicing more would boost you for the final presentation.

All these ideas may help you in giving an effective and memorable presentation.


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