5 things teenagers hide from parents

Category: Motivation || Published on : 2020-04-23 08:30:23 || Author : Mohd. Nafees Chhipa 2 753

Teenage is always one`s life`s best part. Probably all of us would have enjoyed it but we all know this is the most complicated age too. We through so many changes like physically, mentally, emotionally. We meet to new people and make new friends, learn new things. Many times, things change this much quickly that we face confusions and take wrong decisions in our life. And sometimes these confusions make us hide somethings from our parents. Let’s get to such things that teenagers hide from their parents.

• Addiction- This is the worst thing anyone could experience. There are many teenagers who have been suffering from it, addiction of drug, watching porn, smoking, addiction of mobile and many more. Parents have no idea what wrong has been happening with their child.
Teenage is an age where wrong this attracts very fast to the teenagers and they get used to of it very fast, and gradually it becomes an addiction. Addiction is simply a wrong habit. Teenagers know that it is wrong that is why they hesitate to reveal it.

• Browsing history- Internet is now almost everywhere in the world, no one is untouched to it. There is big ratio of teenagers who use internet actually misuse it. They never want their parents to see their search or browsing history. That`s why some of them keep a lock on their browser, some clear history or some of them uses incognito mode means no search or browsing history no need a lock or clear history.

• Physical Changes- This is the age when one gets so many physical and psychological changes. and these changes are related to the puberty. A teenager hesitates to ask such things and then confusions occur and mind try to find the answers. So maximum teenagers hide these things from the parents but they must not hide these things because all these things are due to harmonically changes in the body and they must know the fact that parents have already been gone through this age so they must be knowing all this.

• Attraction- Nowadays teenagers are getting bored with everything so fast and this is the reason that they meet new people and get attracted and get bored too very fast. The ignorance of parents is also a big reason of getting attracted towards opposite gender. When you do not have someone to confide with, one starts searching someone outside the home to talk. Though liking someone is not wrong, but liking or loving someone to remove your loneliness is a completely wrong reason to be with a person. Because there you are in the relationship not to grow but to find your incomplete pieces of life.

• Bunking classes- If you ask someone about his or her best memories of teenage, I bet he or she would include this (if one might have done it). Yes, it`s fun until your parents don`t know about it. Teenagers also try to keep their parents away from the parents-teacher-meet. But it only happens when you know that something is there to be hidden from the parents.


Divya mulchandani

2020-06-04 11:32:23

clearly, this blog represent the reality of teenage period of life . #millenials

Shalini Jain

2020-05-30 12:41:01

Very true article,

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