“WHAT” will live after your death?

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A great saying I could ever think……

“Unless you are alive, live your whole life in such a manner that your death will become unable to discontinue your success”

It is an unasked, unspoken and untouched aspect of most of the people’s life to even think about living after death. Nothing will live after your death except “your visions, your unique ideas, your talent, your silent nature in the most violent conditions of your life, your anger and frustration free mind, your regret free heart, your joy of giving, your smiling face, your great acts, your goodness in worst circumstances, your care & your love which you showed to people when you too were struggling from the storms of your own life” Optimum people are dying each day, each hour, each minute, each second or even each micro second in an unknown regret and with unknown stress, just because they have forgotten the purpose to get birth on this earth, they have forgotten to make this beautiful world more beautiful and happy.

We must keep spreading love & care till eternity, you will die but your soul will live forever. Nothing is going to be permanent except your doings for others, which will remain in their hearts till eternity. In impression of making some fool people happy temporary, do not make god angry permanently. Live the life with great hard work with a burning desire, not with endless earning desire, No one dies by doing hard work. Be a guy who doesn’t know how to quit. Do not give-up on your dream just because you are not getting success that much faster as you anticipated. Live fully, sing loudly, cry heartily, study cordially so you may take your last breath happily. If your dedication is sincere, no one in this world can stop you to get greatest heights. It’s so easy to spend till life goes-on but it is so difficult to even think to live after death but now it’s so easy, Live an impossible life & make it an example, you will go from this world but your goodness will last forever in yours and those people’s heart who love to live the life.

“Before believing in GOD, believe in GOOD”


Tripti jain

2020-05-19 13:01:12

This artical is having a worthy messege.
Thank you so much for writing this kinda articles.

Narayan Singh

2020-05-19 11:31:44

Mene kabhi nhi socha pr aaj pta chal gya


2020-05-19 11:29:51

Believe in You.... Believe in Goodness...
Good to know .. Thanks ?

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