A life which could have been lived

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“I refuse you to die and unlived life”

How many of you know that if you had an opportunity to live your life over again, most of the people would say “YES” to do so because at that point you would realize that you could have done more and lived more in compare of what have you done but if any great or a successful person were asked to live the same life over again then they would surely say “NO” to live it because they lived it in the best way as it was possible to live in such circumstances of life at that time. They have done greatest in the whole world in their field so even if god of death would tell them to come with him to heaven or hell, they would never demand little more time because until they lived, they lived at the fullest without any minor feeling of regret but if the same thing happens with that person who did every work as a formality, he will surely have an immense and painful regret that they never lived that life which could have been lived, they just spent life .

If you just get to know that you just have 30 days to live more on this earth, just by listening it maximum people would die before their death. Just imagine if you die at the same moment means now, what will die with you, just a pathetic feeling of regret and remorse that you never lived. Never live that life which can be lived. Live that life which was refused to live by billons of fearful people. Maximum people don’t complete the things or the targets which are set by them to be completed. They always procrastinate the things and keep living in a fear to lose the things which they have because they have never learnt to create these things they have always learnt to beg or get the things directly. Never learn to beg the things, learn to earn the things. Live each and every moment with a great excitement and welcome every upcoming moment with a cheerful smile so life will be tired to make you feel upset. Until you are alive give your thousand percent in that work which you are doing, Just assume that if 100000 people are doing the same work in this world which you are doing, you have to put your heart and sweat in this and try to do the best as you can do. First do that which is possible, keep doing it…keep doing it…one day you will get something done which was impossible.

Stop giving importance to sleep. Miracle happens if you have the power to create it & if miracle doesn’t happen to you, be a miracle for someone, everyday is a new day, every moment is a new moment. Never be sad by thinking about bitter experiences of past or by taking tension of upcoming challenges of future, give your everything in present. Respond your present so your future will respond you. Live and love the life at the fullest so your death will salute you.

“Never live the life with a heart full of regret over a life, half lived”



2020-04-13 19:27:04

Thank you for this blog sir if it didn't send me I think I will distract from my target from today I don't think about people that what they will think about Me I will achieve my goal today I promise from me.... U r my strength sir... Once again thank you Soo much

Ajay raj singh chauhan

2020-04-13 09:39:59

Life learning lessons from this blog

Kavita modi

2020-04-12 21:04:42

Very good

Ekta Sangtani

2020-04-12 20:48:47

Very real, relevant and eye opening article. I might have read similar many times but the flavour of extreme positvity from your side made it unique and very inspiring. It's my pleasure that I got chance to read it. Thanks for writing, sharing and motivating us. Stay blessed and wish you a blissful life.

Divya mulchandani

2020-04-12 11:59:25

Really stupendous blog.

Rohit kurmi

2020-04-12 08:53:46

Sir your this content gave me a new excitement in my life again. After a long time, because I forgot my goal due to lockdown, harassment, So thank you so much sir for remind me thank you sir ????????

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