7 biggest distractions of today’s world.

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In the era full flooded by technology, idiot boxes, cinemas and so many things out in the world to distract the youth is enough. When especially if we talk about country like India where youth power is humongous in number but a very few are there who are actually utilizing their energy and skills in right direction. These distractions are leading toward the destruction. Let’s know about the major distraction of today’s era.

1. Idiot Boxes (Comedy Shows, Listening Music) – This is one of the major reasons of being distracted with their main focus. Mobiles, Televisions, Laptops and so many more electronic items are available in the market which consume the crucial time of the people and keep them bounded and distracted from their important works.
The problem with youth is, they start considering life a story of movie where they can be cool, hooligan and they can do whatever they want. But life is not a drama of a movie, there is no hero who will save everything, they will have to work for themselves. People started considering themselves the characters of the movie and starts intimating them and brings it in their behaviour which may create severe psychological problems in the future.

2. Attraction for opposite Gender – Though youth of country deals with their age where they get opposite gender attraction, where they meet new people, new friends which give them all new experiences of life. Though getting attracted toward opposite gender is not a wrong thing but if it hampers your work and it does not let you focus where concentration is much needed then attraction becomes a hurdle in your career or studies.
The problem is not attraction nowadays, the problem is lack of maturity and understanding. Teenagers and especially young blood have inculcated in mind that getting upset, being angry on partner, getting wheedled from the partner, minding the trifles, all these are the inseparable parts of being in a relationship. But this is completely wrong. If you like a person and you think to spend a life with the person then it is your responsibility to motivate the person for his/her dreams and goals. If in that case you are compelled to make some compromises then too this is your care not a kind of pity on you.

3. Sleep – Sleep is very toxic when it becomes an addiction. This is the age when they have to focus on their careers and it is the time when their laziness tries to overpower them. If one gets a habit of sleeping much, it is very difficult for him/her to get rid of the habit. This is the time when avoiding the sleep is necessary and youth needs to find out some ways to avoid the sleep or they may indulge themselves in some other productive works which are good for them.

4. Partying – Partying has become a trend for today’s children. Hanging-out, dining-out, all these have become a symbol of status for teenagers and youth nowadays. But they are completely unaware from the fact that these are slow poisons which are killing their valuable time. Though enjoying for relaxing is not a bad habit but making it the only purpose of life will destroy their future.

5. Social Media – Today’s world is not untouched with the impacts of social media. Though it is a good medium of being social, getting information speedily but it has so many cons as well. It plays a very big role in diverting the minds of people. It serves not just the required information but unnecessary information too. And technology has just not made us progressive financially but also it is a huge source of opting self-doubt, shame and comparison. Youth is running behind comparing to themselves with the people who are unknown to them. Their dressing goes as per the latest trends of social media, their eating habit goes as per the social media, their life goes as per social media. Social media has completely disconnected them from their real life and thrown them into their virtual life.

6. Procrastination – Procrastination has got dissolved into the nerves of maximum people. Delaying the commitments and works have become so common for many of us. But we are forgetting, we are just not opting a wrong habit of delaying the things but also spreading a very wrong and dangerous message to our next generation. They are learning from us and we are teaching them not to work on time whether that is too important. We are just not procrastination the works but also procrastinating our satisfaction. Every time when a person procrastinates something, he goes down in his own eyes, he may not have the realization today but gradually he is collecting a heap of shame for himself.

7. Aloofness – Though we live in a world full of population, despite it we all feel aloof. Especially when you are not happy with your work, when you do not have any target to complete, when you live a purposeless life then life seems so lonely. And youth and teenage start to consider it aloofness of life and search someone to remove their loneliness. They start to choose some out of the way paths that may lead to them in danger, like Alcohol, Drugs and so many bad addictions.

So, these were some of the major distractions which are hollowing our youth and not letting them focus on their careers. It’s our responsibility to explain to people around us the meaning of utilizing their energy into a right direction.


Achala Acharya

2020-05-23 21:10:41

It is really helpful because today's youth is not concerned about these

Abhishek Thathera

2020-05-22 15:54:07

It is perfect blog . Aftering reading it I got to realise many things.


2020-05-21 20:10:02

I think today's world's mostly distracted by social media and they forget about their real life and their own goals

Sweety goyal

2020-05-21 10:25:01

Aloofness distracts me mostly......that's a truth

Bhagyashri Sangtani

2020-05-20 13:53:45

Amazing article ma'am

Avantika tripathi

2020-05-19 14:46:53

So true.. these things are distracting us from ourselves too.

Muskan Jain

2020-05-19 13:12:02

You covered all the aspects. It is really nice article

Rahul banetiya

2020-05-19 12:27:09

It is amazing blog. After reading it i realized that these things have been distracting us from our real life.
Thank you for this blog.


2020-05-19 11:40:58

Kuch aisa muje bhi lgta h.... Achha h


2020-05-19 11:39:28


Ajay Rawat

2020-04-23 11:07:57

Good points ma'am...???

Tripti jain

2020-04-16 22:43:36


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