7 parameters on which girls should not get attracted by boys

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We live in a world where we prioritize hormones rather than our own instinct. Whether it comes to choose a dress for self, or a pair of shoes or selecting a job or even selecting a person for life time as partner. Especially when it comes to girls, their heart and mind as well work according the emotions which are more the product of the changes that come through hormones and less the intelligence of their brain. Maximum of the girls are not able to differentiate between their instinct and emotions and it leads them toward making a decision temporarily pleasureful and permanently painful. Let’s learn some reasons that girls should avoid to get attracted on that basis:

1. On the basis of “Appearance” – This is the first thing that every girl notice when she meets to a person. That is absolutely a right thing that your appearance is the fist thing that gets noticed but it must not be the only thing that forces you to shut your mind and make you get a wrong decision. It doesn’t mean that all good-looking boys don’t have good values.
Looks are physical appearance which can never determine someone’s behaviour and values. Looks are not something that will long last, it will fade away with time. Looks may attract you very fast as our hormones work in that order to get attracted by opposite gender especially when the person is good-looking in your opposite gender. But your life is not going to work as per your changes of hormones. Make your priority which you find needed to have a good human to live a life with.

2. On the basis of “Financial status” – Money is important in life to only survive not on the stake of your life. You are forced to live in a cage made of gold where you are to spend your rest of the life in that cage. Yes, that is of Gold but that is still a cage only where you can not fly, you can live as per your wish, where you can only have luxurious life not luxurious satisfaction.
If a girl gets attracted on the basis of money, she just does not choose a life of slave but also set a wrong example of all those girls who look up to that girl. And thinking of getting a person who earns well, who has paternal wealth, you develop the thought of making yourself self-independent emotionally and financially both. That is much important. That will not just make you feel proud in your eyes but also will boost your self-esteem.

3. On the basis of “Cool Attitude” – This is the aura where sincerity has become obsolete, where ‘cool’ is the new word which is a false prestige when it comes as prefix. Being cool is good when this coolness is present in your mind when it burns-up. Else the coolness makes a person more fabricated toward their relations, toward their friends to keep maintaining so called ‘cool’ title.
If a girl gets attracted to a guy who seems cool then this coolness will certainly make the life so burning in the future because you don’t know the person, you don’t know his values, you just know him that much as much he shows you or as much he wants you to see. This may create a very big problem in the future if you see your future with such ‘cool’ guy.

4. On the basis of “Settled Career” – Thinking about the financial security is not a wrong thing when you think about someone to live a life with. That is a practical part of life where you have to go through with. But if your complete focal point is just settled career then it is a completely a wrong way to live with someone.
Life is the biggest gift we all creatures have on this planet. Nothing can be bigger than this on the earth, yet, there is no security of life, this gift can get snatched anytime from us, then how can we be so positive about someone’s job or settled career? It is not being so negative, it is all about that security must be there, obviously then only we make future plans, but being completely reliable on just one thins is an act of fools. Making self-able for earning well is rather better than being dependant on someone for the whole life.

5. On the basis of “Emotions” – This is the point on the basis maximum of girls take decisions. Obviously getting attracted is also a kind of emotion which comes through the releasing of glands or hormones. Emotions are not a bad thing, it helps you to maintain your relations with the other person but when it hijacks your intelligence and makes you stop using your brain, then emotions make blunder of the things.
There you need to think with a calm and composed mind that whatever you are feeling right now is mere a need of an hour or you want it forever in every condition of life, in every situation. If your answer is yes! then no need to give it a second thought. But if Your answer is No! then you know better what do you have to do?

6. On the basis of “False Bravado Nature” – In this aura of meanness, rare it is to see a guy without keeping a false bravado. People are different within; they show different outside. They feel different, they do different. Their works, deeds and words are not in harmony.
And girls have a problem of getting attracted on what they are being showed. It doesn’t mean that they are silly, not at all! It simply means they trust more. They believe from their heart, they make relations from their heart not from the mind but yes, it creates huge problems sometimes. So, this is very important to learn to know people, it doesn’t mean that you should not trust them, do but that much only which must not break your trust of trusting someone again.

7. On the basis of “Body-based Intimacy” – This is very crucial and important point about people talk very less. With the increase and impact of cinema and social media, making body-based intimate relationship is no more a bug-bear. Boys and even girls are accepting it as this is a part of relationship. If we see from a perspective then it is just need of an hour, it is just the need of body because of hormones. As we are being served through cinema and technology, so everyone is learning.
And here comes when you need to understand the power of making a decision and being calm. Going for intimacy is completely a personal choice, it depends person to person but thinking for the whole life based on just your hormonal needs is not a right decision that a girl makes. That is a very obvious thing that when opposite gender attracts, when they touch each other, sensation begets, which is a very general thing. Though a girl or a boy feels it for the first time, it seems this is something they never felt before and make decisions. But all need to understand one thing, sensation goes with the time and age, you remain.

So, we learnt about the 7 parameters on which maximum of girls get attracted. Attraction is not a wrong thing; your reason must be valid and thoughtful. You may have an idea of it by thinking that you are ready to live your whole life in any condition, in any situation with the same person for your whole life whether, money is there or not, whether he is cool or not, whether he looks good or not, whether he earns well or not, whether he fulfills all your needs or not. You will always love him. If your answer is still yes, then do not give a think again but if your answer is no, then you know better than anyone else for you.



2020-06-07 06:25:27

It is very good article on the choice


2020-06-06 09:42:55

All points are correct
In today's world, Girls take a decision on the basis of these points and not only girls, most boys also do same.

Himanshu Gaur

2020-06-05 11:56:46

I totally agree with all the points..

Lalit Rajj Mewara

2020-06-05 11:55:48

Very true poat

Achala Acharya

2020-06-05 09:56:46

Exact explanation...!

Divyansh Suwalka

2020-05-24 16:16:23

For this article, I would like to tell this thing only that whensoever you are taking any big decision before it try to think as a third person or from your own point of view, without thinking that you are involved in it.

Divyansh Suwalka

2020-05-24 16:15:22

For this article, I would like to tell this thing only that whensoever you are taking any big decision before it try to think as a third person or from your own point of view, without thinking that you are involved in it.


2020-05-22 12:41:16

I read in a article that girls take most of her decision by emotion without thinking about consequences.your post clearly describe that they do .Nice post

Sweety goyal

2020-05-21 10:13:34

Somewhere we are doing the same intentionally or unintentionally .....but a very few can understand the depth of consequences and aware us by such articles.....

Surbhi jain

2020-05-19 15:40:31

I totally agree with all 7 parameters.


2020-05-19 11:41:38


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