Fixed Prepositions with Examples (List -3)

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Here is a list of some fix prepositions which commonly confuse a new learner and become hurdle on the path to be perfect at this global language:

97) Entrust with (give responsibility to a person)
 Let me entrust with him for the event's prepration.
98) Enveloped in (covered)
 I was enveloped in my own self-created dogmas.
99) Envious of (jealous)
 One man is envious of another man.
100) Escape from (flee)
 I don't have any idea how to escape from my own reality.
101) Essential to (necessary for health etc.)
 Education is essential to become accountable..
102) Enrage at (infuriate at a thing)
 The teacher was enraged at the student’s apathy towards study.
103) Enrage with (angry with a person)
 The teacher was enraged with the student for his insolence.
104) Enlarge on/upon (say more, expand)
 I need not to enlarge on the problem.
105) Familiar to (known)
 This sounds very familiar to me.
106) Familiar with (know about a subject)
 You don't seem to be very familiar with games.
107) Famous for (popular)
 This region is famous for wine yards and wine.
108) Fatigued with (exhaust)
 I am fatigued with such monotonous job.
109) Favourable to (beneficial)
 Conditions are too favourable to me.
110) Fond of (liking for)
 Bloggers are extremely fond of taking photos.
111) Fought against (quarrel)
 He fought bravely against despair.
112) Free from (free from worries etc.)
 I am free from every kind of suffering.
113) Free of (free of cost)
 He got it free of charge.
114) Fascinated by (enchanted by a thing)
 The children were fascinated by all the toys in the shop.
115) Fascinated with (enchanted with a person)
 I was fascinated with her because of her admirable manners.
116) Get over (overcome a difficulty)
 It took me a very long time to get over the shock of her death.
117) Gifted with (talented)
 He is gifted with the many talents.
118) Good at (good at something)
 He is good at piano.
119) Grateful to (thankful to a person)
 I would be grateful to her for her being inmy life.
120) Grieve for (mourn for a person)
 He grieved for him and his present conditions.
121) Grieve over (mourn over a thing)
 He grieved over the loss of many lives.
122) Glance at (look at someone)
 He glanced at her face and fell in love.
123) Glance through (look over briefly, read)
 He glanced through the letter in haste.
124) Good for (not worthy of anything)
 He is good for nothing.
125) Hatred for/ of (intense dislike for something)
 I keep hatred for him.
126) Hopeful of (optimistic)
 After listening to the doctor, I am hopeful of a quick recovery.
127) Hear from (to receive news or information from someone)
 I have not heard from you for a long time.
128) Hear of (to get information about something)
 I heard of this event in Mumbai and rushed back to Delhi.
129) Hear by(to get information by post, communication)
 I heard by a letter about his father's death.
130) Hard up (short of money)
 He is hard up these days.
131) Ignorant of (unknowledgeable)
 A lot of people seem to be happily ignorant of the real threat of mental trouma.
132) Ill with (sick)
 My paa is ill with a number of problems.
133) Inclined to (disposed, attracted)
 I don't feel inclined to play baseball today.
134) Indispensable to (essential)
 Career is indispensable to you at this point of time.
135) Indulge in (involved)
 Don’t indulge in idle gossip.
136) Infatuated with (love-struck)
 Everyone who met him was infatuated with him.
137) Injurious to (harmful)
 Junk food is injurious to health.
138) Insist on (stand one’s ground)
 He insisted on staying a bit longer.
139) Inspired with (aroused with a spirit to do something)
 I inspired her with my life.
140) Interested in (focused)
 I had always been interested in motivation..
141) Interfere in (intervene)
 Don’t interfere in my personal affairs.
142) Irrelevant to (unnecessary)
 The arguments were irrelevant to the subject.
143) Irrespective of (regardless)
 Our culture binds us together irrespective of caste and religion.
144) Impress with (affected/roused by a thing)
 He impressed me with his good manners.
145) Influenced with (a person) / Influence over (the people) / Influence of something)
 He has immense influence with the influencer.
146) Jealous of (envious)
 She doesn't have any reason to be jealous of me
147) Judge by (decide)
 He was judged by his apperance.
148) Known for (recognized for quality)
 Shubhi is well known for her benevolence.
149) Lacking in (deficiency)
 The students are lacking in intellectual ability.
150) Laugh at (to mock something or someone)
 People will laugh at my ideas.
151) Laugh with (to have chuckle with others)
 It is better to laugh with people than to laugh at them.
152) Lean on (to depend on someone)
 I had to lean on him in difficulties.
153) Liable for (responsible)
 You are liable for this tragedy.
154) Listen to (lend an ear to)
 You should listen to the advice of your elders.
155) Live by (survive)
 I have to live by hand to mouth.
156) Live on (depend on food)
 He lives entirely on water these days.
157) Look after (take care)
 Please look after my little boy.
158) Look at (examine)
 I am to look at the copies.
159) Look for (search)
 I am looking for Ms. Ritu.
160) Look into (investigate)
 Judge needs to look into the case.
161) Loyal to (faithful)
 He was very loyal to his lover.


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