10 Ways to Practise English

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Whenever you ask someone for practicing English, many people have many advices to give which have never been tested by themselves such as read English newspapers, watch English movies with subtitle, you will automatically learn. English is not a wild grass that will grow automatically, it is a fruitful plant that needs nourishment and proper process to feed the right food. Then only it will give you fruits.
The very first thing to practice or to learn English is never to consider this language a bugbear that can never be learned and along with that never underestimate it as it is a language and a way to communicate more precisely. Believe in yourself that you will do it with your 100% efforts and dedication. Dedication and hard work will be yours and a proper strategy to practice English will be mine. Let’s give a thorough read to some practical tips to practice English: -

1. Clear your basics with enough exercises
This is the first step to enter the arena of English. Before learning anything, you just need to know the basics of that. You need to do the same thing while learning this language. First of all, clear all the basics of English read all those grammar rules which are needed to know this language. Clear all the doubts regarding whatsoever you are learning.
The most important thing while understanding the basics, never try to learn all the things at a time. You don’t need to collect the information in the storage area of the mind. Learn a few things but understand them thoroughly. Learning a thing precisely is rather important that leaning many things incompletely.
After clearing the basics, do exercises as much as you can. You can get many exercises online to practice. Such exercise will help you to assess your knowledge.

2. Start to use English words in Hindi sentences
After clearing basics and learning all the needed things, the very first thing you need to pursue is to start to speak a few words in your day-to-day conversation. Start to impart a few vocabs in your daily sentences or conversation with your known ones. It will help you in boosting up your confidence and will remove your hesitation. Start with your known ones and gradually try to do the same with those who are not much known to you. It will heighten your confidence.
But one thing is very important, whatsoever words or vocabs you use, use them many times in a day, not just like leaving them after using once or twice. Keep using them again and again as much as you can. It will make those words so familiar to your tongue that it will automatically get imparted into your word dictionary of mind.

3. Start to use English sentences in day to day conversation
After learning using English words in daily conversation, it is the time to keep your one step forward. Till now you have gained enough confidence to use English words, now it is the time to come on to the sentences. Yes, now start using small and very convenient sentences to the people who are able to understand the English language. Sentences which we all use in day to day to converse. This practice of using small sentences in your daily speaking will help give you an enormous amount of confidence to speak before people. This will make your base stronger in order to gain confidence in public speaking.
Initially, you might feel that you seem sometimes artificial while speaking, your sentences and words don’t seem natural, but do not worry at all! It happens with everyone, gradually as you will be used to it and it will be no longer artificial to you. Gradually you will start speaking fluently without even realizing, it will become so common to you.

4. Take some online quizzes to master your basics
Online there are many exercises and quizzes you may take to assess your knowledge or to gain more knowledge. Quizzes will not just entertain you while learning but also will make your learnings stronger. When our mind solves a quiz then it leaves an imprint of that thing in mind, when any learning will be attached to the quiz it will help you in remembering longer the usage.
Take as much as quizzes you can so everything will become by heart to you. Understanding the basics and clearing the concepts must be your first motto rather than just collecting the information. Never be hungry to collect information, unclutter the mind with unnecessary information. Learn to unlearn things, it is a very important aspect of learning something new.

5. Join a public speaking class
Join a public speaking class and attend it regularly. All the things that you have practiced your own, it will help you so much there. By joining a public speaking class will boost your confidence in a very great manner. You will get people there from going through the same face as you are going through with. They will help you in solving your confusion or problems and your experience of learning will help them to solve theirs.
The public speaking class will give you proper guidance and an organized way to learn through your instructor. Learning with the people who are in the same competition will give a competitive spirit which will teach you to fight to learn something eagerly. Overall, the public speaking class will benefit you in many ways.

6. Try to connect yourself with other English learners
If you find someone in your surrounding who is also trying to learn this language as you are, then do not hesitate. Try to talk to the person as he will be able to understand your situation or the problems that you face while learning, more relevantly. Try to connect yourself with other learners who are learning the same language.
This will help you in discussing your problems with the learners and they will understand the problem which is faced while learning. You will also be able to help them with their problems.

7. Start to talk in English with other learners of English
At this stage, you must start to talk in the English language with the learners who are learning this same language. Do not hesitate that people will judge you, no one will as they know the difficulties and problems that all face while learning. And if someone minds too then kindly ignore the person as you are facing difficulty because you are learning. The problem shows that you are trying so do not think odd about this.
You just talk, converse in English only with at least to the people who know to speak English.

8. Participate in mock group discussion
After being able to speak general things, try to participate in mock group discussions as much as you can. You have practiced so much until now to learn to speak individually. Now, this is the point where you need to learn to speak among people especially when you have to put your point before them. When you will participate in group discussion then you will understand automatically that how much it is different from speaking on stage or speaking with a person.
Practicing in a group discussion will help you much more than practicing on stage as an individual. You will not just learn to speak among people but also will learn to put your thought before people when no one is allowing you to do so.

9. Try to use only English on your social media handles
In this era where every next person is obsessed with showcasing life on social media then why should not, we take advantage of it in learning something good. It can be a great platform to improve your English. Whenever you post or comment on something on social media, always do in the English language. We always try to showcase our perfect side on social media so we always stay very conscious of everything. So, while posting something on social media we will try to avoid errors as much as we can. It will help us in avoiding mistakes and learning accuracy.

10. Learn 10 vocabs per month
This figure might seem very small to you but learning 5 vocabs per day was a very known and most suggestive idea which could never work. We as humans always try to gather as much as we can whether that is knowledge or any materialistic thing. But everything has its way to receive or to gain.
Learn only 10 vocabs in a month but learn them in such a manner that whether you want to forget them but you cannot. Use only those 10 vocabs repeatedly in your speech, in your conversation, wherever you can. This will not let you forget them ever in the future. SO that if you learn the next 10 vocabs, till then those previous ones will be by heart to you.

These were some ways to practice English. These were some experimented and practical approaches to learn and practice English. But with all of these practices, you have to give your hundred percent dedication to learn and that will come through your purpose behind learning this language. So, find your purpose, and start learning today!


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